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When we decided to set up Best Rates 5 years ago, we had a list of principles that we all stood by in our work ethics…

They did not change a bit. It was and still is a distinct desire to deliver secure diligent financial help, that would ease paying mortgages off faster with lowest rates available.

With our help, hundreds of people were able to achieve results such as:

Mortgage Rates TodaySecuring The Best Interest Rate for an overall Mortgage payment plan.
Mortgage Rates TodayRefinancing With Absolutely Lowest or no Cost.
Mortgage Rates TodayReducing The Closing Costs with Our Cash Rebate Mortgages.
With that in mind, we continue to implement our expertise to help other people to achieve the same!

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Meet the Team

Monika Tarnik-Jedrusiak

Monika Tarnik-Jedrusiak

Mortgage Agent/Planner Licence #M13000687

I’ve joined the mortgage industry in 2012, first working for the brokerage which was specialising in second and hard to place private mortgages. I know how hard it is sometimes to get the mortgage you need with the rate you want. My dedication to details and vast knowledge of mortgage products helps my clients to achieve their goals, whichever they are – paying off the mortgage sooner or taking out the equity from their property to finance their new ventures.  I’ve worked with First Time Home Buyers, Real Estate Investors and Home Owners on their challenging mortgage plans. I don’t promise if I can’t deliver, you will know your best mortgage option within half an hour of our conversation. I enjoy outdoors and sports: skiing, canoeing, bike riding on the trails in Ontario and I love Cuban white sandy beaches.

Voytek Jedrusiak

Voytek Jedrusiak

Mortgage Agent/Planner License # M12001155

I’ve have been Mortgage Professional for over 5 years. Currently holding licenses in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario. I have been self-employed for over 25 years and I know how hard it is to get the mortgage with the best rate on the market. Not every mortgage is the same, that’s why I take the time to explain everything in details to my clients, so they can make the educated decision regarding their mortgage plans. Everyone wants to be mortgage free sooner and that’s why we help our clients to do so. While not working I enjoy outdoor activities: bike riding, skiing, skating and canoeing. I love playing piano and guitar but not always have enough time.

Core values


We are always flexible enough to cover all of your financial needs, whichever those might be. Regardless of whether you’re about to make a first-time home purchase or are trying to refinance your current mortgage, we’re here to help you!


We understand that financial situations, credit scores, and other financially-related things can vary… That is why we employ a flexible, person-centric approach to each individual client who comes for our mortgage help…


With so many mortgages and loans featuring interest rates that are just outright bad, we’re here to level the field. Thanks to our refinancing and home equity loan programs you’ll be able to take back the control of your finances!


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Q: What's a mortgage and why should I get it here?
    A: A mortgage is basically a simple loan that allows you to buy a home or other property by securing the loan against the property you buy. You can read more about our taking a mortgage with us by visiting our services page. You can apply for a mortgage from a bank or other financial institution, such as a credit union or the private lender. We do the work for you. Although you can apply directly, but using the advice of our independent mortgage specialists might help you find the deal that will be most beneficial for your money interests!  
Q: What types of mortgages are there?
  A: There are many different kinds of mortgage to choose from. All of them have varying features and benefits. Some of the more common types include:

  • Variable interest rate mortgages
  • Fixed interest rate mortgages
  • Open fixed rate mortgages
  • Open variable rate mortgages
Q: How much can I borrow for a mortgage?
  A: This depends on a number of factors. Still, lenders are typically prepared to lend  4 and a half times your salary or two-and-a-half times a joint salary. They will also consider things such as any other source of income from a second job that you’ll prove to them, bonuses, tax credits, and maintenance payments and since lending rules were tightened, they also increasingly investigate borrowers’ ability to repay. This means looking at your credit history and getting your credit score, just as well as on your monthly outgoings, examining not just how much you spend but what you spend it on, to help assess your ability to manage should interest rates rise. Some providers will now offer four-and-a-half times your annual income – but the more you borrow in relation to your income, the less mortgage amount you will qualify for.  
Q: How much of a deposit do I need for a mortgage?
    A: This will depend on a type of the property you are buying – primary residence, secondary home, cottage or rental … While ‘100% mortgages’ – where you can borrow 100% of the property’s value – have now almost entirely disappeared, it’s still possible to get a 95% mortgage, where you pay a deposit of 5% of the property’s value. When you put 20% or more towards down payment you are saving yourself at least 1.8% in insurance premium. The purchase of the rental property will require at least 20% downpayment or even more to avoid the insurance premium it will depend on the lender.    

We review and accept business requests on a 24/7 basis.

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