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Best Mortgage Rates Today

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How To Get The Best Mortgage Rate?

Too many people associate the “best” rate with the “lowest” rate. The truth can be much different.Mortgage professionals know that’s not generally true, but convincing clients of this isn’t always easy. 

While rock-bottom “no-frills” mortgage rates may look great in an advertisement and can indeed save you a significant amount of interest but it could backfire if you decide to break your mortgage earlier.

We educate our clients so they can know their best options and are not going blindly into something which will cost them more in the future.

Here are some facts:

Mortgage Rates Today6 out of 10 Canadian homebuyers break their mortgage after 3 years and 6 months.

Mortgage Rates Today84% Canadians believe that the interest rate is more important than interest paid over the term of the mortgage.

Mortgage Rates Today50% of borrowers didn’t make any extra payments on their mortgage last year and have never used mortgage management strategies.

Mortgage Rates Today33% of mortgage renewals are accepted with the bank posted rate.

Mortgage Rates Today33% of debt holders don’t know whom to talk to about managing their debt.

Mortgage Rates Today71% would like to be more confident about their financial decisions.

Now let’s ask you some questions:

Do you know what your penalty will be when you decide to sell your home?

Do you know what is the real cost of owning your home?

Do you know how much you can save using simple mortgage strategies?

Did you know that you could make your mortgage payments tax deductible?

Using our proven methods you could save $57,094 on your mortgage or even pay off your mortgage 12 year sooner.

After all it is important to make the educated decisions when it comes to your money. We have been helping our clients to navigate through the deep waters of mortgage oceans.

Get your mortgage strategically planned today.

There are nearly as many mortgage options as there are home buyers.
It’s our job to find you the best one. Contact Us today and experience a new level of service.
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We offer great mortgage rates in Oakville, Toronto, GTA, Vancouver, GVA. From Ontario, Alberta to BC.

The Lenders We Work With.

Best Mortgage Rates Today

What Our Clients Have To Say.

  • review rating 5  I wish I had met Monika Jedrusiak of Best rate.'s sometime in 2006 before buying my house with our first lender, I could have saved at least 18% , more or less on the amortization paid.Ii was just in a hurry making a costly mistake.We switched our mortgage with the help of Monika during my more complicated and difficult situation in which other Mortgage Brokers gave a lukewarm response.Surprisingly, Monika in one session was able to reach the peak of the transaction, as if we had closed the deal already with the new lender.Now we enjoy paying lesser amounts and saving dollars.It is simply because she is more knowledgeable when it comes to mortgage and has wide range of lender accreditation accros Canada.This helped fix the unique situation very efficiently.I would certainly recommend Monika of Best rate to my friends and relatives because of my very good services they had done for us.

    thumb Rolando Rodriguez

    review rating 5  Service and the capability to understand my specific situation for buying a house and managing to have an option to do it!!!...Thanks Voytek!!!! During this process Voytek manage to keep the process simple and well directed. I moved already to my new house and really thankful that when everyone else out there closed the doors for my mortgage, Voytek came in and make it happen. Strongly recommended!

    thumb Enrique Cruz

    review rating 5  Monika is SERVICE OBSESSED! She helped us to get our mortgage even if other companies already declined us and won't work with us. It was heart breaking. But then came Monikas and BestRates. Monika is a very hard working person. She is very persitent, driven and focus of her work. She was always back and fort emailing and calling me for the mortagage. She didn't fail us, she dilevered very well. Monika has compassion, she has a listening ear - she listened well to our hopes and future plans. And honestly this is what you need for a Mortgage Specialist, you want them to have a listening ear, wisdom, understanding and this is exactly her. She fought for us until the very end, until closing day. She and Voytek visited us in our new home. We didn't just gained an Mortgage Specialist but a friend, a teacher. Thank you Monika for all your help. Thank you Voytek for the assistance. Thank you BestRates!

    thumb Racel Baconga

    review rating 5  Great broker, Voytek worked well and fast, and also gave good advices about going fix or variable. Will definitively come back.

    thumb alexandre wattiez
  • review rating 5  I had the best experience working with Voytek Jedrusiak. I purchased my first home and he helped me with all my questions and concerns. He was always available. His rates were also the best. I definitely recommend him. Thanks Voytek for all your help!

    thumb Adam Nivisi

    review rating 5  Even only through phone calls and emails, I and my husband had an excellent experience with Voytek Jedrusiak. A friendly person who patiently answered all questions, supported and kept in touch throughout the whole process and got a great deal. I definitely recommend him!

    thumb Lígia

    review rating 5  They have been honest and straightforward in dealing with me .The response to all queries were addressed promptly.I recommend them to all my friend's and would recommend them to any one shopping around for a mortgage.

    thumb Pervin Pereira Pereira

    review rating 5  We worked with Best Rates and particularly Voytek Jedrusiak on our first mortgage and it has been a very pleasant experience right from the beginning throughout the process. Voytek was always available to answer any question and provide valuable advises, as first-time home buyers we did shop around for rates to only realise Best Rates and Voytek provided us with far better than other lenders rates. During the closing Voytek was constantly in touch to insure the transaction passes smoothly and it did. Had a wonderful experience and would always recommend Voytek and work with him in the future

    thumb Wael Chehade

The Best Mortgage Rates Today.



5-Year fixed closed mortgage

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  • Bank Rate 3.29%
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1-Year fixed closed mortgage

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  • Bank Rate 2.99%
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5 year variable mortgage

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  • Bank Rate 2.95%
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Home Buyer's Guide To Buying The House In Canada

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In many ways, the mortgage changed the real estate market completely and turned it on its head in a very good way.

Before the advent of the mortgage, the only way for people to go out and get what they wanted in terms of property was to pay for it outright.

Since very few people possessed the means back then to pay for property outright, the ownership rights were only there for pretty much the upper middle class and the upper class people; the middle class downwards were excluded from this very important thing.

Mortgages changed all of that and to understand how profound a mortgage is, it is important to take a close look at exactly what a mortgage entails.


The agreement for a mortgage is one that is the main point of everything else that follows. Under the agreement of a typical mortgage, the person has the ability to borrow money from the bank in order to pay for a house or a property.

The amount of money they can borrow varies, but for the majority of banks it usually resolves itself towards being around 95% of the actual quoted value of the house.

In exchange for getting this very large loan, the person then agrees to put the house up as collateral against that loan, so that the bank has some way to save itself in the event that the person is unable to pay that loan back.

Interest Rates

Now, whenever people think about loans, very likely the first thing that they think about is interest rates. There are a number of different interest rates involved in different loans, but when you compare the vast majority of them to what is available under a mortgage, what you find is that the vast majority of those interest rates don’t really match up.

The average mortgage has an interest rate attached to it between 3.25% and 4% and the vast majority of loans that are available on the marketplace today, even if they happen to be secured loans, really can’t match up.

Repayment Terms

Just like with the interest rates, the repayment terms for a number of different mortgages are very impressive when put up against a number of other conventional loans.

When you’re talking about unsecured loans (i.e. credit cards), then obviously there is going to be no contest, but for the most part you will find that mortgage repayment terms are significantly easier to deal with than with most other loans.

This is because (a) the collateral being used is extremely strong and (b) the term lengths are longer, so naturally that makes the monthly payments smaller.


There are some fees for mortgage payments relating to things like late payments and underpayments, but you will find for the most part that fees are not really that important in the grand scheme of the agreement itself. It is important to be aware of what the fees are, but most of the time you will see that they aren’t that big.


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